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Zoomer is a purple snowmobile. He used to live in Bobblesberg with Benny and was owned by Jana. Sometime later, he and Benny left Bobblesberg and went to Bobsville and Sunflower Valley respectively. During the snowy days, Zoomer and Scoop were used to help clear snow from the paths.


Zoomer is purple and black with a yellow bolt on his sides.


Zoomer's personality is very similar to Scrambler's. Like Scrambler he makes noises when he's going fast except he says "zoom" repeatedly while Scrambler just says "nnnnnnneeeeoooowww".



  • Zoomer's model was recycled from Scoot.
  • In Zoomer's offical artwork, he is frowning but however in the actual series he is smiling and frowning.
  • Zoomer is one of the first characters to have an American accent in the UK dub of the show.
    • However, his accent is mainly a Brooklyn accent.