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While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play is the tenth episode of the eleventh season.


Robert and Dot are visiting the Valley. Bob shows them around. Robert notices Bob’s old rubble chute. Bob explains that he will find a use for it. Robert and Dot stay at the valley to look after Sunny and Saffron – Marjorie’s children – who have no school!

Robert decides to build the kids a playground – just like Bob used to have, but can’t remember what toy Bob used to play with. Then Bob returns and is amazed to see Robert’s playground. Robert has converted his rubble chute into a slide like the one he used to have.





  • This is the first appearance of Saffron and Sunny along with being the first time children appear in the series since The Knights of Can-A-Lot.
  • The episode title may be a possible pun of the saying "While the Cat's away, the Mice will play".

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Ha Bob nincs odahaza, játszik a Robert papa If Bob is Not at Home, Playing with Robert's Dad
Italian Giochi per bambin Games for Children
Russian Бобу-уезжать, Роберту-играть Bob Leave, Robert Play
Polish Jak się bawił mały Bob? As it Played Little Bob?