Random trucks

Dizzy-like machine (in front) Muck-like machine (in the back) Sumsy-like machine (behind the Dizzy-like one) Dodger-like one (behind the Dizzy-like one)

Several unknown machines appeared in Race to the Finish, deleted scenes from Snowed Under and When Bob Became A Builder. These machines resemble modified/repainted versions of the other characters (such as Scoop, Dizzy, Lofty, Muck, Dodger, Benny and Sumsy). The Scoop-like ones are the most common. When Grabber was going to win the race, the Dizzy-like machine sadly watched Grabber leave. They were in the relay race, and are usually seen participating in games or races. Lofty appears to be somewhat afraid of the Benny-like machine, due to the look on his face when it was starting its engine.

Machines repainted

  • Scoop (green, red, blue, yellow with reused mouth plates from Scrambler and Roley): Seen in Snowed Under (deleted scene/green, red with mustache, blue), When Bob Became A Builder (several yellow versions with Scrambler/Roley's face plates), and Race to the Finish (yellow with mustache).
  • Dizzy (with yellow stripes and Trix/Sumsy's faceplates/red stripes and Scrambler's faceplates): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Muck (with yellow stripes and Tumbler's faceplates repainted black): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Lofty (with Muck's face plates and red stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Dodger (with Scoop's face plates and red stripes/mustache and yellow stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Benny (with Sumsy's face plates, yellow stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Sumsy (with Scrambler's face plates): Only seen in Race to the Finish.


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