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Okey-dokey J.J!
— Catchphrase

Trix is a violet forklift who works for J.J. at his yard. She occasionally helps out Bob, Wendy and the machines.


Trix is very friendly. She gets most of her advice from J.J.. She is quite energetic as Scrambler and Benny and often gets her work wrong. She is not that calm inside but worries when something goes wrong. She often makes some mistakes. She takes her work like fun.


Trix is violet with her cab, forks, exhaust pipes and tyres being black; she has an orange-yellow warning light on her cab. One of her exhausts seem to have a silver band around it.


Original Series:


  • It is likely that Sumsy is her sister, as both of them have the same design and their personalities are quite similar.
    • Trix's model was also turned into Sumsy for Project: Build It.
  • Trix's favourite dance is Salsa.
  • Trix has made more appearances than Skip.
  • She is the youngest machine in the Original Series.
  • She has the ability to roll her eyes, just like Roley.
  • In the UK dub, Trix spoke with a South London accent. But in the US dub, she spoke in an Orlando, Florida accent.
  • Trix lasted a total of three years on the show going by the original UK air dates. She appeared from 2002 to 2004. She last appeared in Trix and the Bug on 9th May 2004.
  • It is currently unknown why she didn't appear in Season 10 as Sumsy wasn't introduced until the season finale of Season 11.
  • In the Finnish version, she has a male's voice.
  • Trix may have been inspired by Carrie from Jim Henson's Construction Site, who was also a purple forklift.

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