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Travis and Scoop's Race Day is the ninth episode of the first season.


Scoop and Travis decide to have a race to find out who is fastest. Bob prepares for the racecourse. Spud wants Travis to win, so he tries some sneaky sabotage with obstacles to keep Scoop back. After Scoop wins, Spud complains about Travis's loss, when his sack of obstacles falls over and everyone find out he has cheated.



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  • Scoop is faster in speed compared to Travis, even if Spud tried to slow him down.
  • This episode marks the first time Spud gets angry.
  • Spud hiding in the trashcan during the race may be a reference to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.
  • In the UK dub Spud calls Travis "stupid" while in the US dub he calls Travis by his name. This is probably due to political correctness.
  • This episode was paired with Travis Paints the Town (Season 1) when it first premiered in the US.
  • This episode would have been more appropriate to include on Scoop's Favorite Adventures (2004) instead of Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition (Season 7) as Scoop only plays a minor role in that episode.


  • After Scoop wins, Spud's mouth does not move.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Romanian Ziua de Curse a lui Travis și Scoop Travis and Scoop's Race Day
Polish Wyścig Traktora i Koparki Race Tractors and Excavators
Hungarian Tódor és Márkus nagy versenye Travis and Scoop's Big Race
Spanish La Carrera The Race
Swedish Skopis och Grålle kör ikapp Scoop and Travis in a Hurry
Hindi ट्रैविस और स्कूप है दौड़ दिन Travis and Scoop's Race Day
Russian Гонка Трэвиса и Скупа The Race of Travis and Scoop
Japanese トラビスとスクープのレース Travis and Scoop's Race
German Das große Rennen The Great Race
Dutch Hector en Scoop’s wedstrijd Travis and Scoop's Contest
Czech Václav a Béďa si dávají závody Travis and Scoop Are Having a Race
Serbian Travis i Scoop trka dan Travis and Scoop's Race Day
Portuguese O Tomás e o Escavão Fazem uma Corrida Travis and Scoop Have a Race
Hebrew המירוץ של טרוויס וסקופ Travis and Scoop's Race
Finnish Tatu ja Kaivuri Ajavat Kilpaa Travis and Scoop's Race
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