Sunflower Valley

Sunflower Valley is the main setting of Project: Build It, and was first seen in the episode Bob's Big Plan. This is where Bob and his brother Tom used to camp there when they were younger. A competition was held to design a new town in the valley, which Bob won. Shortly after, he and the team moved from Bobsville to Sunflower Valley to begin building the new town. They stayed here until the beginning of Ready, Steady, Build!, though Sunflower Valley was sometimes seen.


  1. Bob (Bob's Big Plan)
  2. Scoop (Bob's Big Plan)
  3. Muck (Bob's Big Plan)
  4. Roley (Bob's Big Plan)
  5. Lofty (Bob's Big Plan)
  6. Dizzy (Bob's Big Plan)
  7. Scrambler (Bob's Big Plan)
  8. Wendy (Wendy's Welcome)
  9. Farmer Pickles (Spud's Straw Surprise)
  10. Travis (Spud's Straw Surprise)
  11. Spud (Spud's Straw Surprise)
  12. Scruffty (Spud's Straw Surprise)
  13. Marjorie (Muck's Mud Hut)
  14. Mr. Bernard Bentley (Benny's Important Job)
  15. Mrs. Barbara Bentley (Benny's Important Job)
  16. Mr. Beasley (Two-Jobs Travis)
  17. Sumsy (Scoop Knows It All)
  18. Angelo Sabatini (Sir Muck)
  19. Sophia Sabatini (Sir Muck)
  20. Ella (Wendy's Houseboat)
  21. Annie Pickles (Massive Muck)
  22. Packer (Packer's First Day)
  23. Dodger (Dodger the Milk Truck)
  24. Tumbler (Tumbler and the Skate Park)
  25. Flex (Fantastic Flex)
  26. Bristle (Clean As A Whistle Bristle)
  27. Splasher (Super Splasher)
  28. Gripper and Grabber (Breezy Bristle)
  29. Piper
  30. Sunny
  31. Saffron

Characters that didn't move into Sunflower Valley

  1. J.J.
  2. Mrs. Potts
  3. Mrs. Percival
  4. Mrs. Broadbent
  5. Mr. Ellis
  6. Mr. Fothergill
  7. Pam Goody
  8. David Dixon
  9. Mr. Dixon
  10. Fin
  11. Squawk
  12. Lennie Lazenby
  13. Jenny
  14. Hamish
  15. Bunty Ferguson
  16. Molly
  17. Skip
  18. Trix
  19. Mr. Steven
  20. Humpty
  21. Florence Mountfitchet
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