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Spud's on the job!" and "Oh, yes, yes, yessity yes!
— Spud's Catchphrases

Spud is a naughty scarecrow who lives on Farmer Pickles' farm and always attempts to help Bob and the crew, although his efforts usually end in disaster.


Spud is a living (presumably mutated) Australian scarecrow that wears a lavender shirt with a red and green scarf, blue trousers, a brown belt and he has a sharp cone-shaped replaceable parsnip nose which has been bent by accident twice.


Spud is a mischievous scarecrow who often causes more problems than he solves, but usually everything works out in the end. It’s Spud who needs to learn to be patient, not to eat all of the food, not to take things from other characters, etc. Spud has a habit of trying to do work and, with his limited intelligence, getting it wrong and spoiling materials. Squawk is his rival.


Original Series:



  • In the UK dub of the earlier seasons in the Original Series from seasons 1-5, Spud's voice was more nasally and had a bit of a lisp. But in the later seasons of the Original Series from seasons 6-9, Spud's voice sounds very similar to Zippy from Rainbow. This also continues in Project: Build It and Ready, Steady, Build!
  • Spud is the only character who's been in jail (though it was only in Muck’s daydream). This was featured in the special, Built To Be Wild (2006).
  • In "Bob's Boots" (Season 3), it was revealed that Spud does not like cheese and chutney in the United Kingdom dub. This was changed to peanut butter and jelly in the United States dub.
  • In "Bob's Pizza" (Season 6), it was revealed that Spud's favorite pizza has apple, turnip and jam on it, which he calls "The Spud Special".
  • Until "Scoop Has Some Fun" (Season 3), Lofty was afraid of him.
  • Spud appeared only a few times in the first season of Ready, Steady, Build!, but appears in every episode from the two mini series.
  • As for now, Spud is one of the few long time characters who never received a redesigned counterpart for the 2015 reboot along with Bird, Travis and Scruffty.
  • In the Original Series between Seasons 1-9, he spoke with an American accent in the US dub.
  • It is currently unknown why Alan Marriott didn't continue voicing Spud in 2005 to 2009 in the US dub as he still remained voicing Scoop and Travis in the series.
  • In the Finnish version, Spud is called "Putte".
  • Spud's name is another word for "Potato".
  • Spud is the only character in the Bob the Builder series to be a scarecrow.
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