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Skip is a lime skip carrier who works for J.J. at his supplies yard. He speaks in a muffled, deep Mancunian accent. His carrier is occasionally unloaded.


Skip is very friendly and gets most of his advice from J.J.. He is not quite as energetic like Trix or Benny and can get concerned about work, which sometimes makes him doddle from time to time. He is usually tranquil but worries when something goes wrong.


Skip is lime with a yellow skip bin and bumper mouth. His tires are black. He also has a silver grille (which resembles a nose).



  • Skip and Lofty appear to be best friends as shown in Lofty's Jungle Fun.
  • Skip's model was later used for Packer, with a few modifications, explaining his absence in later seasons.
  • Skip is one of two vehicles with a bumper mouth rather then a grille mouth, the other is Lofty.
  • He made fewer appearances than Trix.
  • In the UK dub, he speaks in a muffled, deep Mancunian accent.
  • Skip lasted a total of four years in the series.

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