The first season premiered in the UK between November 28, 1998 to February 21, 1999 on BBC and was re-shown on CBeebies. In the US, the first season premiered between January 15 to February 5, 2001 on Nick Jr. and was re-shown on Noggin, PBS and Sprout.


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"Scoop Saves the Day"
Diane Redmond
28th November 1998
A dangerous thunderstorm causes havoc - roads are blocked, trees and telegraph lines are down, pipes are broken, fences are destroyed... can Bob and his team of machines repair the damage that the storm left behind?

"Bob Saves the Hedgehogs"
"Bob Saves the Porcupines"
Chris Trengove
5th December 1998
Bob and the gang need to find a way of allowing a family of hedgehogs/porcupines to cross the road safely.

"Pilchard in a Pickle"
Chris Trengove
12th December 1998
While Bob and the machines are laying pipes in a field, Wendy becomes worried when Pilchard the cat cannot be found.

"Muck Gets Stuck"
Chris Trengove
19th December 1998
The lights go out during the little town tunnel repair project, leaving Muck stuck inside when he/she gets scared of the dark. Will anything get him/her out?

"Wendy's Busy Day"
Diane Redmond
26th December 1998
Bob and the machines have a major job of resurfacing the main road that must be done today. But poor Bob has a very bad cold, so Wendy offers to take over the job.

"Bob's Bugle"
Jimmy Hibbert
2nd January 1999
Bob makes himself a bugle out of some left-over bits of piping. None of the machines has the heart to tell him how awful it sounds, so they try hiding it.

"Buffalo Bob"
Chris Trengove
9th January 1999
Bob's gang have built a dance floor for a line-dancing contest, but Mavis sprains her ankle leading Bob to have to find another one before time runs out.

"Travis Paints The Town"
Chris Trengove
16th January 1999
Bob is called away from a job, leaving Roley alone with a paint machine and giving Spud the opportunity to get up to mischief.

"Travis and Scoop's Race Day"
Ross Hastings
23rd January 1999
Spud persuades Scoop and Travis to have a race to see who's the fastest. Travis fears he won't beat Scoop but Spud has a plan. As they race Spud obstructs Scoop's path, but Scoop manages to win.

"Bob's Birthday"
Diane Redmond
30th 1999
It's Bob's birthday but everyone pretends they've forgotten as they're throwing him a surprise party. Bob goes off to mend the stable wall, while Wendy makes a cake. Dizzy and Muck make one too - a concrete one! Even greedy Spud helps. When Bob returns, he's delighted with his birthday surprise - and two cakes!

"Naughty Spud"
Jimmy Hibbert
7th February 1999
Bob is building a shed for Travis but is stranded when naughty Spud takes the ladder to go apple picking. Bob tries unsuccessfully to get help until Wendy brings Scoop to rescue him. Spud appears with tummy ache - too many apples!

"Scary Spud"
Sarah Ball
14th February 1999
Launching into karate routines, Spud doesn't notice when his nose drops off and rolls down a mole hole. Dizzy notices and organises a search party. The machines find nose-like objects - a traffic cone or bicycle horn. Luckily, the moles push the nose back out and Spud is delighted!

"Bob's Barnraising"
Diane Redmond
21st February 1999
The team needs to finish constructing Farmer Pickles' barn and get the bales into it before the rain hits.


Characters Introduced


  • This season marks the first appearances of Bob, Wendy, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Lofty, Pilchard, Bird, Travis, Spud, Farmer Pickles and Mrs. Potts.
  • This was the only season where Wendy worked as a Full Time Secretary.
  • This was the first season to use the Seasons 1-3 intro for the UK version.
  • The only episode that wasn't released onto home media in North America was Naughty Spud.
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