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Let's Scram!, Awesome!, Wicked! Jump on, we'll be/get there in Scrambler time! and Cool as a Mule!
— Scrambler's Catchphrases

Scrambler is a metallic blue quad-bike ATV. Scrambler was won by Bob for designing Sunflower Valley's new settlement.


Scrambler is very energetic and is always on the go. He loves to off-road but has to learn that rest is important. Scrambler can sometimes be mischievous and a little bit impatient, but always learns his lesson in the end.


Scrambler is metallic blue with black tires in which gets covered in chains when he's in snowy weather. He has a silver rectangular mouth.



  • Scrambler seems to speak with a New York accent.
  • To sum up Scrambler's personality, he acts like a teenager.
  • In Ready, Steady, Build!, he has a brighter livery due to the shading and lighting.
  • In the episode Scrambler and the Colorful Cave, Scrambler's eyes can light up exactly like headlights.
  • Scrambler has his own trailer with the same livery as him, which he is sometimes hooked up to.

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