Scoop Has Some Fun is the ninth episode of the third season.


While Scoop is on his break from a job, Spud tries to persuade him to help him play some tricks. At first, it seems fun until Spud suggests they scare Lofty, which Scoop turns down, saying Lofty is really scared of Spud. While Scoop goes back to work, Spud goes off to find Lofty himself. Unfortunately, he scares Lofty so much that Lofty falls on his side. After Lofty is rescued by Bob, Scoop and Spud (who went for help and admits what he did), Spud apologizes to Lofty for scaring him and he forgives him. Bob and the team get back to work, and Scoop says that Spud never thinks about how his actions affect others, inspiring Bob to teach Spud a lesson. Bob calls Wendy and asks her if his old work clothes are still back at home. When Spud and Travis get back to the farm, Travis tells Spud that Farmer Pickles got a new scarecrow because Spud is too naughty. Spud is upset and tells the “scarecrow” (which is Bob in disguise) that he’s the only scarecrow around here. Bob then spits at Spud and reveals himself to Spud. Everyone laughs after the joke and even Spud thought it was funny.


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  • Scoop mentioning Lofty being afraid of Spud is referring to Lofty to the Rescue (Season 2).
  • As of this episode, Lofty no longer has a fear of Spud.
  • Stock footage from Clocktower Bob (Season 2) is used.
  • This episode was paired with Spud and Squawk (Season 3) when it first premiered in the US.
  • There is no montage in this episode.
  • This is the first time a machine has fallen down.


  • When Muck shouts; 'Okay, let's go!" Wendy is not wearing her builder's hat and Lofty has his hook. But in the next shot, Wendy is wearing her hat and Lofty's hook has become a grabber. However, it changes back to his hook when Muck and Lofty arrive at the junction.
  • Oddly, Lofty was not seen at the end of the episode with the other machines.


  • (Bob climbs up on Scoop while Spud gets in Scoop's front digger. Scoop races for Lofty's rescue. Spud, Bob, and Scoop have found Lofty on his side.)
  • Bob: Lofty! Don't worry. We'll get you right side up soon.
  • Lofty: Oh, I, hope so.
  • Bob: (to Spud and Scoop) Okay. All together now (Bob, Spud, and Scoop struggle to get Lofty up until they get him back on his wheels.) They you are, Lofty. Are you alright?
  • Lofty: I think so, yeah. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Scoop.
  • Bob: Better thank Spud. He was the one who came for help.
  • Spud: (nervously) Uh, well, it's my fault really, Bob. I scared Lofty and that's why he got stuck.
  • Bob: Oh, I see. Well, what do you say then Spud?
  • Spud: (to Lofty) Sorry, Lofty.
  • Lofty: Oh, that's alright, Spud.
  • Muck: Okay, let's go!

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Strach się dobrze bawi Scoop is Good Fun
Russian Скуп развлекается Scoop's Fun
Finnish Hevosenleikkiä The Horse Play
German Knolle kann es nicht lassen Spud Can Not Help It
Czech Béďa si užije zábavu Scoop's Enjoyable
Portuguese O Escavão Diverte-se The Excavation Enjoy It
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