“No prob, Bob!”
―Scoop's Catchphrase

Scoop, originally known as Digger, is a yellow backhoe loader and the leader of Bob's machines. He was the first machine acquired by Bob.


He was Bob's first machine as shown in When Bob Became A Builder, when Bob was choosing a backhoe loader from behind a chain-link fence. Scoop was the one chosen by Bob when Scoop kept following him to attract his attention. He is shown to be faster than Travis as shown in Travis and Scoop's Race Day, when Spud challenged them to a race after an argument broke between him and Travis.


Scoop is a bright yellow digger and is the unofficial leader of the Can-Do Crew. Scoop's personality is notably similar to Bob's in several ways. Scoop also looks up to Bob, and occasionally asks the others, "Can we fix it?".

A large and powerful metal beast with a kind and friendly heart. Whenever Bob and/or Wendy are absent, they leave Scoop in charge of helping out with the job. He is also great at solving problems and is always more than beyond willing to look out for anyone in need.

Although he is carefully dedicated to his work, he is always eager to have fun. He also loves to play practical jokes with his friends.

He is also very confident, sensible and Reliable according to Bob.


Scoop resembles a JCB 3CX backhoe loader.


Scoop is yellow with black cab supports and an orange-yellow warning light on the top of his cab, which he turns on only in few occasions. He has a grey exhaust pipe coming out of his perspective left side of his hood. He has large rugged black tires on the rear and smaller ones on the front.


Original Series


Project: Build It



  • Scoop was the first machine character designed by Keith Chapman, director of Chapman Entertainment and the series' original creator. Scoop is also one of the few characters to closely resemble a real life type machine.
  • In 1999, Scoop was made as a coin-operated kiddie ride by Jolly Roger Amusement Rides LTD. The original version featured 2 rectangular buttons, a green one to start the ride and a red one for sound effects and phrases. Later, another version was made with circular buttons.
  • Scoop is male in all dubs excluding Polish and Swedish, in which he is female.
  • Scoop is allergic to hay, grass and flowers as he has hay fever. This makes him the first machine to have an allergy.
  • Scoop's railway compatible Brio models incorrectly depict him without his rear actor. It is included in his Builder System model.
  • In the Pilot Episode, Scoop was known as Digger and had a different design.
  • Despite having a rear actor, Scoop has the ability to be hitched up to trailers as seen in the episode "Muck Gets Stuck", in which he towed the mobile Generator.
  • Scoop was the first machine that Bob had a ride on.
  • In the Finnish version, Scoop is called "Kaivuri".
  • Prior to the 2015 Series, Scoop was the only male machine of Bob's crew to be voiced by a male actor in the US dub. The others (Muck {who was female in this dub}, Roley and Lofty) were voiced by female actresses.
  • Scoop is the only machine in the series to appear in the 'Official Children in Need Medley' music video.
  • Despite being the most mature of the machines, Scoop acts a bit immature in some of the earlier episodes.
    • In Muck Gets Stuck he makes fun of Muck being scared of the dark and calls him/her a scaredy truck.
  • Scoop's prop, along with Dizzy's is currently on display at the Portsmouth City Museum.
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