Amazing R.Vee, that's me!!!
— R.Vee's Catchphrase

R.Vee is a building van. He belongs to Robert and Dot, and was their mobile workshop. R.Vee was not used ever since, until many years later, he was brought to Bobsville and was kept in the yard's garage, where Robert restored him to surprise Bob. R.Vee later attended the Sunflower Valley winter ceremony.


R.Vee resembles a 1993 Chevrolet G20 van.


R.Vee is light blue and and the bottom half of his sides are orange with white stripes. He has black tyres and his bumper and rims are silver. He also has a tools logo on his side, this consists of a dark blue handsaw, a yellow bolt and a white screwdriver, all in an orange circle.


Project: Build It:


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