Farmer Percy Pickles is the tritagonist and a nearby farmer, and a good friend of Bob. He is the owner of Travis the tractor, Sumsy the forklift, Packer the truck, Scruffty the dog and Spud the scarecrow.


Farmer Pickles is a man with a almost bald head but has black hair and a mustache. He wears a plaid shirt, belt, and jeans. Sometimes he wears a black hat. His hair appeared a light gray in Ready Steady Build due to the CGI-animated graphics.


Farmer Pickles is a busy farmer. He acts as a fatherly figure to Spud. He cares for his machines.


  • Farmer Pickles speaks with a southern accent in the US dub of Project: Build-It and Ready, Steady, Build!. In the US dub of the original series, he had a more operatic-sounding voice.
  • Farmer Pickles' first name is Percy.
  • His surname was also used for Tommy from Rugrats.
  • His cousin Baz is Australian.
  • Farmer Pickles recently returned to the series in 2018.
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