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Pack me up and watch me go-go!" and "Fetch/pick up and deliver! Fetch/pick up
and deliver!
— Packer's Catchphrases

Packer is a red semi-trailer truck. Packer is owned by Farmer Pickles and has two trailers, a flatbed and a covered trailer resembling a 1988 Freightliner FL50.


Packer is friends with Scrambler and Dodger, who first befriended each other in The Three Musketrucks. Packer also returned as a recurring character in Ready, Steady, Build!. Packer speaks with a muffled Lancashire accent in the UK dub, and a Southern drawl in the US dub.





  • Packer's model was recycled from Skip, explaining Skip's absence after his final appearance.
  • In the UK dub, he was voiced by Rob Rackstraw who voiced Scoop, Muck, Travis and Spud, and in the US dub, he was voiced by Rupert Degas who voiced Scrambler.
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