““Muck to the rescue!" and "Let's get mucky!”
―Original catchphrases

Muck is a red caterpillar-tracked bulldozer with an additional, fitted dump bed. He (UK)/She (US) often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it.


As shown in When Bob Became A Builder, Muck was the second machine to join Bob's team. He/She was bought in by Bob to help out Scoop dig out more of the foundations.


Muck is friendly and loves getting muddy. He/She does not like taking baths that much but takes them when he/she feels like it, or when he/she knows it is important. Muck has nyctophobia (meaning he/she is afraid of the dark), but he/she learns to be calm. Muck is also kind-hearted and is sometimes silly, but he/she learns his/her lesson in the end.


Muck is red with an orange blade and dump bed. His/Her caterpillar tracks are black and his/her hydraulic cylinders are silver, along with his/her mouth.


Muck appears to be based on a Shantui SD-22 bulldozer with an added dump bed.


Original Series


Project: Build It



  • While Muck is a male most dubs, in the US, Greek, Brazilian, and Korean dub, Muck is a female.
    • Muck is the only machine to be different genders between the UK and US dub.
    • However in Reboot Series Muck is male in both English dubs but is female in Japanese dub.
    • Wendy and Dizzy were originally the only two female characters in the UK dub so they decided to make Muck as female in the US dub instead.
  • Muck was the second machine bought by Bob.
  • Muck was the first vehicle that Wendy had a ride on.
  • In the Finnish version, Muck is called "Pusku".
  • Muck is incorrectly listed as male on the Universal Kids site despite being female in the US dub.
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