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Jana von Strudel is the one that yodeled with Roley. She is Austrian and speaks in a German accent. She's also the owner of Zoomer.


Jana is a woman with long, blonde hair tied up in brades. She wears a purple snowsuit possibly to match her machine, Zoomer. She looks similar to Wendy when she was 15.

Other Outfits

White and brown dress.


Jana is typically friendly and is very determined. She yodels while a brass band plays. Her yodeling was the first thing the machines ever heard when they first got there and didn't know about yodeling they say her yodeling sounds "funny". The machines then imitated her yodeling in fascination. She even let Bob borrow Zoomer during his stay at Bobblesburg. Roley was so fascinated that he wanted to learn to yodel himself. So Jana told him the history of yodeling then taught him how to yodel. She was worried about Scoop working by himself because of the winter games. She hosted the winter games. Lastly, she appeared in Scoop's dream when he fell asleep at the end where she yodeled in Scoop's "Dream Olympics". She was mentioned in Scrambler to the Rescue when Bob called her on the phone to borrow Zoomer so he can accompany Scrambler.


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