Ducking down, swinging round, reaching for the sky, my clever flexable arm can go everywhere!
— Flex's catchphrase, "Fantastic Flex"
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Flex is a yellow cherry picker.


Flex is a yellow cherry picker with black stripes, a flexible arm and basket and roof-mounted light bar.


Flex is friendly and interested in horticulture. Because of his interest in horticulture, has extensive knowledge of plants. Flex also prefers for the plant to be called either by its common or scientific name as shown in Lofty's Banana Tree. This was shown when Lofty named his banana tree "Mr. Banana Tree" and Flex kept correcting him to use the scientific name instead.


Project: Build It:


  • Flex being a plant expert may be a reference to him being a cherry picker.
  • Flex speaks in an Irish accent in the UK dub. But in the US dub, he speaks in a clear American accent.
  • Flex's mouth plates appear to be reused from Roley.
  • In the UK dub, he was voiced by Rupert Degas who voiced Scrambler and in the US dub, he was voiced by Vincent Marzello who voiced Farmer Pickles.

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