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Bobsville is a town that is named after Bob's dad, Robert, who built most of it. Bobsville's twin town is Bobblesberg, where information and other things are exchanged.

Bob and his dad build his home and yard here. During this time, Bob was a teenager (then aged 15) who wanted to be a builder. After Bob's home and yard was complete, Bob moved into it and his dad moved out of town. Bob worked here with Wendy, his assistant, and his machines. They usually did repair work and small building jobs.

There are many places in Bobsville, such as a building supplies yard, a pizza shop, a farm and an airport.

A few years later, there was a competition to plan a town in Sunflower Valley. The competitors had to design a model layout and the winner would get to see their plans built in Sunflower Valley. Bob entered the competition last minute and later won the contest. What Bob didn't know was that he got the job of building the town. Bob and the machines then moved out of Bobsville to start building in Sunflower Valley. After they left, Robert returned back to Bobsville and he and Benny looked after the yard and did the repair work here.

A Similar Town

Fixham Harbour is very similar to Bobsville. Also, it shows part of an area identical to Sunflower Valley. Bob's home and yard in Fixham is similar to his old one in Bobsville, except new machines, such as Scratch, Gripper, Grabber, and Scrambler, are now part of the group. Instead of having open wooden carports, the machines now live in newer garages. Even the houses in Fixham are similar to those in Bobsville, except for a canal of ships. Fixham Harbour may possibly be a revamped version of Bobsville.


  • In "Muck Gets Stuck" (Season 1), the tunnel which Muck got stuck in due to being afraid of the dark is known as the Littletown Tunnel.
  • From Seasons 1 to 9, Bob and his team used to live at Bobsville from the 1990's to early 2005. From Season 10 in 2005, Robert returns to Bobsville to look after Bob's Yard after he left Bobsville to moved to Sunflower Valley. It is unknown whether Bob returned to Bobsville or not when Project: Build It along with his jobs in Sunflower Valley were completed as Ready, Steady, Build! appears to be non-canon to the stop motion series.
  • It was a major place in Seasons 1 to 9. It was then a secondary place in the majority of Season 10, and from the end of Season 10 to Season 16, it became a minor place as Sunflower Valley took over the TV series until Ready, Steady Build! in 2010 when Bob and the crew moved to Fixham Harbour.
  • In Packer's First Day (Season 13), Packer appears in Bobsville at Mr Sabatini's old Pizza Takeaway.
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