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Ready, Steady, Build! is the second spin-off series of Bob the Builder.

Changes and Differences

Unlike previous series, Ready, Steady, Build! is animated in full CGI, which allows larger and more complicated construction projects that would be too large or expensive for the model sets from the previous two series. The series still uses the original intro, but unlike the previous series, the intro uses clips from episodes instead of having special scenes produced. The machines now possess more human-like traits allowing them to be more flexible. The latest episode aired on June 10, 2012. The shorts are replaced with segments called Bob's Jobs.


The series takes place in Fixham, a prehistorical city by the ocean similar to Bobsville. This series might not be canon to the original series or Project: Build It due to Bobsville or Sunflower Valley not being mentioned or referenced and the majority of the minor Bobsville residents from the stop-motion series do not appear. It's also possible that Fixham Harbour is Bobsville renamed.

None of the events from the stop-motion era are referenced despite Scoop indirectly recalling the flashback events from When Bob Became A Builder in the episode Dizzy In Charge, further showing this series might be non-canon to the stop-motion era.


The main cast appears and a new character called Scratch, probably based on Benny, is added to the main cast. He is currently the youngest of the team. Benny, Sumsy, Dodger, Tumbler, Flex, Bristle and Zoomer from the previous series do not appear in this series.

Other Returning Characters:


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